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ООО Marel Food Systems

Marel Food Systems  is proud to be the global leader in advanced equipment, systems and services for the fish, meat, poultry and further processing industries. We are the only company in the world to offer complete integrated systems for all four industries and our goal is always to be the customer’s partner of choice. Our brands – Marel, Stork Poultry Processing and Townsend Further Processing.

Marel Food Systems is a multinational company, with over 4,000 employees worldwide. With offices and subsidiaries in over 30 countries on six continents, a global network of over 100 agents and distributors, and manufacturing facilities in 16 locations worldwide, we work side-by-side with our customers to extend the boundaries of food processing performance.Our business units are located in the Netherlands, Denmark, the United States, Iceland, Slovakia and Singapore. The largest number of our employees is based in the Netherlands, followed by Denmark, the United States and Iceland, with the remainder spread out across the globe – from Brazil and several other locations in South America all the way across to Australia and New Zealand in the Pacific.

Marel Food Systems is always looking for talented individuals who want to join our global team, people who regard our technology as a challenge and want to be part of a company where continuous innovation is the key to success.

  • Sales
We look for commercial people who combine independence with the drive required to seize opportunities. We require sales professionals with a special interest in international business and a strong affinity with the technical nature of our products. In addition, you will be capable of both attracting and retaining customers.
  • Engineering
We look for technical engineers who view their work as a challenge and take their responsibilities seriously. You should be technically educated, have good communications skills, and wish to advance in your career in the near future, possibly in a location outside your own country.
  • Service
We look for service-orientated individuals with a strong technical/engineering background, who would like to work with us at being our customers’ primary choice. As Marel customers are spread around the world, a proven ability to work in a diverse environment is essential, as is an ability to deliver customer-centric solutions. As a Marel service engineer, you will be required to travel extensively, often at short notice.
  • Support
We look for enthusiastic people with a strong appetite for success, to work in a wide variety of disciplines, including HR, Finance, IT and Marketing. It will be obvious when you join us that you are part of a company where quality and innovation count. Not only is it about getting on with the job, but you will show initiative. What matters is one thing: you want to grow with us.

We invite you to check out the career opportunities we offer and the kind of employer that Marel is.

ООО "Марел Фуд Системс" является мировым лидером в области производства высокотехнологичного оборудования и систем управления производством с программным обеспечением для пищевой промышленности: птицеводства, рыбной и мясной индустрии.

Наши брэнды – Marel, Stork Poultry Processing и Townsend Further Processing – входят в число самых уважаемых в своей отрасли.

Вместе мы предлагаем уникальный комплексный подход к решению всех производственных задач заказчика.

Благодаря офисам и филиалам, находящихся более чем в 30 странах, и глобальной сети из 60 агентов и дистрибьюторов, мы работаем бок о бок с нашими заказчиками, чтобы расширить границы возможностей технологии обработки пищевых продуктов.

Представительство в Российской Федерации существует с 1974 года с офисом в Москве. В Московском офисе работает более 60 человек.

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