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"The slash is the worldwide symbol that brings us together. It connects passionate, creative minds, granting them the independence to believe in their instincts and trust the magic. It is a symbol of our prime skill. Our ability to see and define the possibilities of tomorrow, and to transform a client's future through the power of an idea.

United by a collective vision, philosophy, passion and energy, we harness the power of big ideas to gain a greater share of the future for our clients. And we do this by changing the rules.

It means for us constantly reinventing our brands and ourselves. Every view is constantly changing and evolving. We need to manage change and be subtle, searching for new ideas. When we work for clients, we invite them to gain a greater share of the future by changing the rules. Why? Because the future is not the same as the past. Tomorrow's brands will be those that understand the need for constant change and the need to create new markets. In concert, tomorrow's advertising agencies will be those that help clients challenge the status quo. Those agencies that thrive will be the ones that help their clients build new markets with fresh ideas. And it's not just intelligent thinking that will be required. We cannot predict the future, only imagine it. And if success in future requires imagination, then we are well-positioned against our management consultant competitors. Why? Because we've been in the imagination game for years."

At TBWA\MOSCOW we have developed our own working methodology and a life-view philosophy. Here are its basic items:

  • Changing mind-sets and creating new points of view
  • Being endlessly curious
  • Keeping an open mind
  • Looking for new beginnings with larger futures
  • Destabilizing the market in your favor
  • Accelerating change to your advantage
  • Recognizing patterns of success and building on them
  • Upsetting conventional wisdom
  • Being creative ahead of the usual agency creative process
  • Gaining stability from going somewhere fast
  • Questioning the way things are: imagining the way things could be
  • Thinking with your rational brain and being influenced by your heart
  • Understanding what can be changed and what can't

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