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BRF Foods

BRF - Leader in the production of chilled and frozen foods,
the Company has a portfolio of more than 3 thousand items.

BRF is one of the largest food companies in the world and is the
result of the merger between Perdigão and Sadia. It operates in the
segments of poultry meats, pork and beef, industrialized meats,
margarines, pastas, pizzas and frozen vegetables as well as being
one of the leading milk collectors and dairy product processers
in Brazil. It operates 61 plants in Brazil, five in Argentina, two in
Europe (Plusfood) and, by the end of 2012, is expected to unveil
a processed products plant in the Middle East. Its operational
structure is supported by 42 distribution centers of refrigerated and
frozen products supplying 98% of the country as well as consumers
in 140 countries. BRF also has 19 overseas commercial offices and a
portfolio of clients across the five continents.

To be one of the leading
food companies in the
world, admired for its brands,
innovation and results,
contributing to a better
and sustainable world.

To be a part of people’s
lives by offering tasty foods,
with high quality, innovation
and at affordable prices
anywhere in the world.

Our values represent the basis for the development
of our businesses.
··Integrity as the basis of any relationship
··Focus on consumer is a fundamental ingredient
for our success
··Respect for people makes us even stronger
··Developing people is fundamental to sustain our
··High performance is what we strive for
··Quality in our products and excellence in our
··Constant innovative spirit
··Sustainable growth
··Global vision, local agility
··Commitment to diversity and the acceptance
of differences

BRF 2011 in numbers
• Net sales – R$ 25.7 billion
• Market value – R$ 31.8 billion
• Slaughter of 7.1 million head of poultry/day
• Slaughter of 43.6 thousand head of hogs
and beef cattle/day
• Responsible for 20 % of the world poultry
• 120 thousand employees
• Third largest Brazilian exporter
• Leader in global protein production with a
9% share of world trade
• 135 thousand people attended through the
Company’s social outreach programs
• 61 product units in Brazil and 7 overseas
• 42 distribution centers in Brazil
• 19 overseas offices

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