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Haldor Topsoe

Haldor Topsoe is a private company with a headquarter in Denmark. Topsoe is a world leader in catalysis, committed to helping our customers achieve optimal performance. We enable companies to get the most out of their processes and products, using the least possible energy and resources.

We supply high-performance catalysts, proprietary technologies, process design, engineering, and services for use in the chemical and oil & gas industries, and we are at the forefront of developing sustainable technologies.

Topsoe solutions help refineries make the best possible use of crude oil and save energy in the process. Half of all the ammonia used to make artificial fertilizer is produced using Topsoe catalysts. Our emission management solutions remove pollution from factories, power plants, and diesel engines, so that residents of megacities around the world can breathe clean air.

Topsoe’s catalysts are developed based on in-house fundamental research. Close collaboration between R&D and production during development, testing and production of our catalysts ensure that we supply the best possible product, which is continuously evaluated and tested. Our production facilities are located in Denmark and USA.

Learn more about Topsoe: https://youtu.be/iqB4DfQbqhA

The main activity of LLC "Haldor Topsoe" (Moscow office) is to promote Topsoe's technologies and catalysts on markets in Russia and former USSR countries, support and expand company's scientific cooperation and connections with industry and relevant government agencies and ministries.

Our founder Haldor Topsøe had a passion for science and a determination to make a difference. These qualities have shaped the values which have guided our company for more than half a century.

It takes outstanding people to live these values and secure a bright future for our company. So we have created a great place to work that is engaging, safe, and challenging, and in which everyone has the opportunity to develop a meaningful personal and professional life.

The Topsoe Spirit unites us, encouraging each one of us to assume responsibility for our actions so that, together, we can help our customers raise the sustainability and profitability of global energy production and manufacturing processes.

Our Values are People, Business, Science and Society. We are proud that Topsoe is a great place to work and to have worked as People is our key asset. The company's staff is a team of inspired professionals and young specialists who are interested in their own development and are passionate about interesting, challenging projects in a world-famous international company with leading positions in its industry niche. 

Therefore, the company's priority is always its staff comfort and health both during working hours and and outside the office as well as a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, which is appreciated and supported by the entire team.

People are the main resource in Topsoe.

For the continued success of Topsoe, it is a prerequisite to make sure that each and every employee knows what is expected of them in their current role, how they are doing, and what it takes to develop – taking into account employee wishes as well as business needs.

To ensure a link between the company’s strategy and goals and the specific objectives for the employee, development process is performed annualy. The purpose of the developmen interview is to create an open and constructive dialog and to supplement daily communication between you and your manager.

Your career and success as part of Topsoe’s journey ahead is based on a concrete basis of competency framework and your development plan. You have a chioce either to develop you technical or leadership skills.  

Taking care of professional development and expertise growth, there are training and development program for all employees. Topsoe is presented at major Russian and CIS workshops, seminars and conferences so you have a possibility to build your professional network and develop sales activities.

Join us to explore new technologies and challenge yourself to create a better future for everyone!

In 2018 we moved into a brand new office that was completely renovated and equipped to meet our needs and priorities. We are located in the city center near to three metro stations. Workplaces are equipped with modern IT facilities and organized as open space and offices for 2-3 people with applied "Open Doors" principle.

We supply employees with a lunch donation that can be used either for office food delivery or lunch in any nearest eat spot. In the office you can always have a delicious coffee & tea with sweets. We have a nicely designed canteeen and a rest area.

With an understanding of private time`s value, the flexible morning and evening hours of office attendance are envisaged in Topsoe, as well as an opportunity of working from home. 

With love for joint celebrations, office and outdoor corporate events are traditionally arranged in Topsoe!

All these and many other attractive corporate benefits from the Company are waiting for you!

Join the Haldor Topsoe team!


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