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Do you want an international career that will take you around the world and will never bore you? If yes, keep reading, there might something just for you. We are sure of that!


AVIAREPS Group is the world’s leading airline and tourism management company with over 300 airline and  tourism clients in 58 offices in 43 countries. We help our clients enter, promote themselves, and sell their products in international markets. Every year we expand our office network to cover a variety of different business fields from our traditional airline and tourism office representation to trade retail and PR activities.


In Russia we are operating in 4 major areas: Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kazan and Vladivostok. And even though all offices have their own unique functions, we are constantly trying to unite all employees into one network despite time-zones and distances. 


If you are like us with strong passion for travelling and desire to dive deep into a myriad of cultures, check out our open vacancies both here and on our main web-site at www.aviareps.com/careers. If nothing is open (it happens!) you can always forward your resume to our HR Department at career@aviareps.com together with either a cover letter or a short note on why we should definitely check you out :)

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Март 2023
Офис находился в центре города: каждый день прогулка на и с работы по красивой улице - это явный плюс. Коллектив отличный. Дотация на питание - такое, к сожалению, мало где предусмотрено (в основном на заводах:D).
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