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ООО Антарес Вижн Рус

Antares Vision Rus LLC (AV Rus) is a subsidiary of Antares Vision Group (AV Group) a world leader in Track&Trace solutions and inspection machines.

Our global partners are all the biggest pharma manufacturers, food manufacturers (including Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Co)  logistic operators (such as Amazon), and many other famous companies.

We have equipped 3500+ lines in 60+ countries worldwide with T&T solutions, including 160+ lines in Russia. In addition, we are known as FT System (a subsidiary of AV Group) in the inspection equipment market, being one of its world leaders.

We produce, supply, install and support the following types of equipment and software:

Complete solutions for marking finished products
Integrated components for the automation of individual serialization, verification, and aggregation steps
Printing devices (TIJ, CIJ, laser)
Machine vision for code identification and verification and for PLC inspection purposes
Conveyors and their drives, other feeders
Inspection machines
Packaging machines, palletizers
Integration of coding and packaging lines (incl. bottling)
Artificial Intelligence systems for increased machine efficiency
Inspection machines as stand-alone T&T solution
T&T software L1-L4 (according to GAMP5 classification) with integration into L5 (OMS, MDLP, GIS MT, TraceLink, etc.) and L4 (SAP, 1C, rfXcel, various WMS, etc.).
And much more concerning marking.

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