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Copers International Search


The success of a group or business is dependent upon its skill resources, and without doubt also on the perfect match between workforce / vacancy / business, where each meets the needs of the next and where progress is made in union to guarantee mutual success. Copers' role, therefore, is to go in search of candidates to help build high-powered teams that fulfil everyone's Iambitions, candidates and businesses alike.

Large or medium, companies are now compelled to open up to the international market place, and the search for openings in emer- ging countries constitutes a vital business opportunity. That is why we have chosen to assist them in their quest for professional talents all over Europe. Our skills have developed harmoniously throughout the EEC, Central Europe and the CIS, due to the multi-cultural nature of our initiatives and teams.

Each of our assignments, whatever the vacancy or vacancies to be filled, is treated as a top priority. Each is required to fulfil three permanent criteria: quality, reliability and a long-term relationship built on mutual trust.

We pride ourselves on the success we achieve with you.

For over 20 years, Copers has played a decisive role by providing assistance to its clients and its job candidates, whose recruitment, and therefore careers, it helps to establish. Constantly alert to market developments and competencies in each sector, we draw on our experience, forever turning it to good advantage. In this way, we have been able to forge and build on our own unique, productive skills.

By plunging straight into the heart of the business, we have developed a specific approach where every recruit's personal project is in phase with that of the company he/she joins.

In order to make the maximum contribution to our clients' development, we have made a number of clear, effective choices:

  • to confine our partnerships to a handful of businesses in each sector, sometimes just the one on some market places,
  • to try to remain in touch and available,
  • to make quality and absolute efficiency our goal to enable a genuine, lasting contribution to the success of our clients.


Long-term, productive assistance can only be provided by putting you in touch with a personal contact attentive to your needs. Since we work in the field of human resources, we aim to operate on a truly human, "all ears" basis at all our offices.
This means that :

  • our consultants are dedicated to pre-determined sectors and businesses and handle the task consigned to them from start to finish, whatever the country in question, from briefing through to the final integration of the candidate selected.
  • two search representatives assist each consultant in their tasks to guarantee a personalised follow-up, both for the business and the candidate.
  • our consultants work alongside HR departments to improve integration of corporate values and ensure a better understanding of their needs and requirements.


Every member of our team has an international background and is trained to embody the dynamism, rigour and responsiveness that typify Copers' methods.

Their specificity: the ability to fully integrate the technological, social and intellectual aspects of the contemporary business world.

Their strengths:

  • a thorough mastery of some of the most highly advanced resources and skills involved in conducting human relations.
  • belonging to the same generation as your own teams, who already include some of tomorrow's managers.


    One of our strengths is our investigative approach, backed by a methodology that has been developed and finely tuned throughout our career.
    We believe that 70% of a successful search is down to the quality of the job description and the profile of the candidate generated.
    From that moment on, we do not just seek a candidate likely to "more or less" meet the job's criteria, but we try to find the best candidate for the job, a candidate who has already achieved success in his/her position, who is capable of taking up his/her new duties immediately and successfully, of subscribing to corporate values and evolving with the business over the long term.
    Basing ourselves on the business in question, the task consigned to us, the job and the profile of the desired candidate, we choose the most efficient and appropriate investigative and research resources for each situation.

    Today, we operate throughout the European Community, Central Europe and the CIS.

  • We have a total of 19 affiliated offices. Each one enjoys total autonomy to ensure a perfect understanding of the realities in countries where businesses are established, while benefiting from a high level of interactivity with other offices in the network. Their search methodologies and values meet Copers' criteria wherever they are.
  • For each "Major Account", a transnational manager oversees and co-ordinates relations from start-to-finish between head office, each of the sub-subsidiaries and our teams in the field.
  • Each country has a direct interlocutor assigned to each mission, as well as a search representative who supervises relations between the company, the consultant and the candidates.


    To guarantee our clients consistently top quality, competitive services, we rely on human and material resources that are very much above-average in our field.
    For example, we boast two search representatives per consultant, thus underlining our genuine investigative powers, while our competitors have an average of only 0.5 search representatives per consultant at their disposal.
    This is barely enough for file management purposes, an as yet inconclusive method in terms of efficiency and reliability, given the emerging, uncertain, changing markets on which we operate.
    Our transnational IT system allows us to keep permanent watch over the market place, vacancies and salaries. We are therefore able to offer pertinent, valuable advice to our clients and supply them with details of how the search is progressing, in real time, ensuring total transparency every step of the way.
    Our web site, packed full of outstanding functionalities, constitutes a vital, advantageous means of sharing information and conveying it between businesses, candidates and Copers' teams, as well as providing a genuine breeding ground, permanently on the lookout for new skills and offers.

    We are proud of our clients:

    • AUCHAN
    • FNAC
    • ORACLE
    • DANONE
    • ETAM
    • TFE
    • L'OREAL
    • VALEO



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