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GamesUp42 is an international group of companies that together offer a full range of services in the gaming sector, including game development and graphic design, payment and financial management, marketing data analytics, advertising and publishing, and other services.

GamesUp42 brings together financial acumen and industry expertise to acquire, develop and grow companies that directly address the diverse needs of the gaming sector. With HQ in Cyprus, GamesUp42 operates and employs professionals in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Spain, Ukraine and the United States.

GamesUp42 is committed to maintaining the highest international compliance standards and guidelines for personal data handling, and ethical approaches to games.

GamesUp42 is:

  • 20+ game titles (developed, supervised and distributed by subsidiary companies);
  • 20 000 000+ players enjoy our games all over the world;
  • eur 45 000 000+ invested in products and services;
  • eur 100 000 000+ annual turnover.

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