Representative Office of Sappi Europe S.A.

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Representative Office of Sappi Europe S.A.

Representative Office of Sappi Europe S.A.

16 people, friendly team

A very nice office close to Novokuznetskaya Metro Station

Working hours - week-days - from 9:30 till 18.00 (Friday till 17.00)

Company offers Voluntary Medical Insurance

  Sappi is a leading producer of coated fine paper widely used in books, brochures, magazines, catalogues and many other print applications. Sappi is also the world's largest producer of chemical cellulose, used primarily in the manufacture of viscose fibre, acetate tow and consumer and pharmaceutical products. In addition, we produce newsprint, uncoated graphic and business papers, premium quality packaging papers, a range of coated speciality papers and a range of paper grade pulp. Our products are widely specified due to the unwavering commitment of 15,000 employees to serve our customers the best we can. Continued focus on innovation and excellence underlies our growth and competitive advantage in the paper and pulp industry. We are extremely proud of our history of paper technology ‘firsts’ and continue to drive our technical competence and innovative flair for the benefit of our customers through our research and development programmes at Sappi’s technology centres in Europe, North America and South Africa. We recognise that sustainable development and sound economic performance, underpinned by continuous improvement in environmental performance, is integral to our corporate responsibility initiatives.

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