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Boart Longyear

we provide drilling services and drilling products. Safety First Safety comes first in all activities. We adhere to all local regulatory safety requirements. We each have a responsibility to ourselves, our employees, contractors, customers and shareholders to proactively work on strengthening our safety culture. We live by the Boart Longyear Safety Golden Rules at all times. Ethics and Good Citizenship We take pride in upholding the highest standards of behavior. Not only do we comply with legal obligations, but we operate ethically and responsibly in all aspects of the communities in which we do business. Exceptional Results We are focused on delivering exceptional results to our customers and shareholders every day. For Boart Longyear this necessitates more than consistently delivering on our promises. We strive to achieve exceptional results through flawless execution, an unwavering commitment to our customers and the dedication to finding new and innovative ways to beat the competition. Dedication to Our Clients' Success We are dedicated to providing the products, services and support our clients need to succeed. This is a passion that is manifested through our focus on the voice of the customer, building strong client relationships and our non-negotiable approach to quality. Mutual Trust and Respect Our people are our most important asset. We know that the best ideas develop as a result of collaborative efforts between individuals with diverse backgrounds, opinions and perspectives. We value the diversity that is Boart Longyear and demonstrate mutual trust and respect for one another. Our success is a direct result of the hard work of more than 7,000 Boart Longyear employees. From engineers, to accountants to drillers in the field, we are the team that sets the industry standard.

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