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Exclases Holdings Ltd

Exclases Group is a multinational organization with an extraodinary depth of marketing, sales and technical expertise in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Since its incorporation in 2008, Exclases Group has been a trusted partner of Leonardo Helicopters, exclusively dealing with sales and marketing of aircraft and equipment, as well as providing comprehensive service support to our valued customers in the Area of Distribution.

Exclases Group has fundamental know-how, capacity and long-standing efficient logistics connections with major industry OEMs that give the company a strong competitive advantage. The Exclases team is built with technical, regulatory and commercial experts focused on improvement/ optimization of business functions, and the development and distribution of innovative, cost-effective solutions to the industry.

The long-standing partnership between Leonardo Helicopters and Exclases has yielded excellent results, delivering a great number of helicopters to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other CIS countries. The combination of great LH products, together with the deep understanding and expertise of the Exclases team have been key to achieving these results. And we are moving with full force ahead!

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