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УП Bormioli Rocco e Figlio

The history of Bormioli Rocco is the history of glass. At the beginning of the XIXth century, in 1825, the first Bormioli Rocco glassware laboratory was built in Parma. Since 1825, Bormioli Rocco has travelled a road marked by the continuous introduction of innovation in machinery, materials and design. Thanks to the ability of uniting the ancient wisdom and passion of master glassmakers to modern industrial processes, the Group, with 9 plants, 3 decorating ateliers and 11 stores is today one of the main actors, not only on the Italian, but also the international market where it represents Made in Italy with success. The Bormioli Rocco Group operates in over 100 countries, with around 3,000 employees, and is the only Italian multinational reality, divided into 5 divisions: the Homes Division, positions the Bormioli Rocco trademark as a major player in large consumption household glass, not only in the Retail and Catering channels, but also in the business-to-business sector; the Pharmacy Division applies the most sophisticated technology to the pharmaceutical container, guaranteeing safety, precision and resistance; the Perfumes and Cosmetics Division offers highly creative content flacons, able to increase the value of the contents; the Food Division provides the guarantee of the glass container to the food and drink industry; the Plastics Division offers innovative packaging solutions in the Pharmaceutical, Diet and Food and Cosmetics sectors, integrating synergic solutions of the glass products of the other Divisions with capsules and stoppers. Bormioli Rocco’s Home Division is today one of the leading players on the international stage in terms of glass products for domestic and professional use. Glasses, wine glasses, plates, table accessories, food containers: these are just a few examples from a wide and immensely varied range of items produced by a company capable of blending centuries of tradition with modern industrial technology and constant research into materials. The Bormioli Rocco trademark has become a byword for quality in the eyes of millions of customers and sector professionals, as well as a beacon for Italian export.

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