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Centaur Software Development Co. are the developers of Dental 4 Windows SQL ™ - a world's first in bringing the benefits of Client/Server technology to dental professionals. The system is based on the principles of a robust and powerful central database and offers a unique and dynamic solution that can grow with the needs of your dental clinic into full practice integration. It was specifically designed to keep your practice at the leading edge of practice management technology and links effortlessly intelligent appointment scheduling, comprehensive practice management with complete clinical function.

Our company mission is to help people at work by providing them with great solutions. We aim to do this so that our customers receive business benefits from the successful implementation of our systems. We aim for our employees to receive recognition and rewards for performing and growing in challenging areas, contributing to their team’s success. We aim to exceed our own business targets, seek new opportunities and business alliances while always trying to achieve our main business goals:

  • Achieve total customer satisfaction
  • Maintain business competitiveness and utilise Information Technology to its full potential
  • Deliver a greater range of quality products and services to our customers to enhance their business success
  • Assist our customers in achieving maximum value from their investment in IT
  • Gain a leading position in the market place

Centaur continues to bring Multi-Award Winning Customer Service to the supply and implementation of a totally integrated digital imaging and management solution to any dental clinic.

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