Hyundai Corporation

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Hyundai Corporation

Hyundai Corporation - Passion for Better Tomorrow!

:: Hyundai Corporation is Korea's leading general trading house, providing export and import services with a wide variety of products ranging from ocean-going vessels, plants and machinery, automobiles, steel and chemical products, to electronic products and general commodities.

Combining its 30 worldwide offices and prompt and extensive information-gathering capability with advanced trading techniques and financing ability, Hyundai Corporation produces an optimum solution to its customers' various requirements.

Development and investment in overseas energy resources including oil and LNG
projects, another long-standing business of Hyundai Corporation, has achieved
remarkable success. Recently, in an effort to diversify and improve its business portfolio, Hyundai Corporation has been keen to develop the business in the information and communication area such as LCD, PDP and mobile handsets, new & renewable energy
and industrial resources fields.

Establishing Qingdao Hyundai Shipbuilding specialized in the small to mid sized vessels and located in Qingdao, China, Hyundai Corporation successfully entered the shipbuilding industry and added another high value added business into the portfolio. Now, based upon manufacturing business, Hyundai Corporation is taking a great leap forward to become a professional global trading, distribution/development firm.

 :: Organization

1) Headquarters
Sales Segment : 4 Divisions
(Machinery & Plant, Steel, Information & Communication and Natural Resources Department)
Support Segment : 2 Departments
(Financial Mangement and Corporate Planning & Personnel Management Department)

2) Overseas Offices (Total : 29)
America: 5
Europe : 3
Middle-East & Africa : 5
Asia & Oceania : 16


:: Business

Autos, Ships, Plant & relevant materials, Electric & Electronic products, Machines, Parts, Petrochemicals, Metal and Steel Products, other commodities.Petroleum, Coal, Steel, Aluminum, Nonferrous Metals, Electronic and Auto Parts, Machines and Parts, other export-use raw materials and facility materials.- Current Profitable Projects : Oil in Marib Yemen, Oman LNG,                    Ras Laffan LNG in Qatar, Drayton coal mine in Austrailia - Project on Investigation/Exploring : Irkutsk PNG - Developing Projects : 11-2 Gas Block in Vietnam, Yemen LNG Shipbuilding Business, overseas marketing support for domestic venture companies, real estate development business(i.e Industry Complex Development in Indonesia), Fashion, Distribution and etc.

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